Friday, January 20, 2006

TOPIC: Obliviots and Prositots
I just read Mike Straka's post regarding his latest visit to the mall. Here's an excerpt:
"Once inside the mall, there are the usual Oblivion suspects.
There are people who unfold every sweater in the place and leave them in a pile so that no one else will have the same, neat shopping experience they just had.There are the ones who stop at the bottom of the escalator to debate the pros and cons of Charlie Brown Steakhouse vs. Wendy's, so that everybody coming down behind them is forced to do a tiptoe ballet dance to avoid running into them.
At the registers the Oblivions can be on either side.
Sometimes you get the clerk who knows nothing about his job or, more accurately, cares very little about his job. Other times you're stuck behind some Oblivion who winds up on the phone to the store credit office yammering about how much money she spends in the store every year, and she should be forgiven for being late on her payment.
Walking through the mall you'll see little girls dressed like prostitots, usually with some type of writing emblazoned on the butt of their tight sweatpants or miniskirts, like "Juicy" or "Go Wildcats." That's exactly what I want my eyes directed to, the derriere of some 13-year-old."
I have to agree with Straka. I often visit the malls in Myrtle Beach, SC. Besides the clueless tourists, Straka's experience mirrors mine almost exactly. I have to add one more obliviot (aka oblivious idiot) category -- and that's the food service workers. Many of them look like they just crawled out of the grease pit. Most act like they could care less about getting your order correct; if it's hot or even if it's worth human consumption. I wander -- is this because they could care less about what they eat or is it a general lack of interest in actually serving the people who effectively make their paycheck possible?
If you're reading this and see yourself described, GET A GRIP! Grow up; get real and pay attention to what you're doing. Otherwise, have a nice day! :-)

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