Wednesday, January 18, 2006

TOPIC: Freewheeling Grrlz
I just got back from spending a few minutes on A coworker asked me to look into the site because her 17yo daughter was using MySpace as her homepage, chat and IM. As I began to search for the young lady's profile, I ran across dozens of high school and college age girls' pages. My, how women have cheapened themselves. I mean YOUNG girls, dressed like prositutes (aka prostitots), showing off "everything". For the pervs, NO - they are not nude. However, the provocative poses, the whorish outfits and the promiscuous writings are enough to make one wonder just how many of these young ladies are "droppin' it like it's hot".
If I didn't know some of these young ladies (and I do know a few of them), I'd think they were pure sluts by looking at their profiles and pictures. Note to self: Maybe I don't know these girls as well as I think I do.
Parents, you should get point your browser to -- and find out if your tween, teen or collegiate child has a profile there. Then, follow up on what you find. NO, I'm not saying that is bad. I'm also not saying that every kid on the site is a whore or pimp -- or even thinking about sex 24/7. However, some of them lend themselves easily to being targeted by pervs, rapists and predatory homosexuals (and we all know these types do exist in the real world).
Girls, if you're reading this -- take another look at your profile. Do you look like a whore? Do you sound like a slut? Is that the way you want to be viewed? Many of you SAY you want to be respected and valued. So, portray yourself as one to be appreciated, respected and valued - and people will look at you that way. Act like a whore and people will treat you that way. The choice is really yours!

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