Sunday, January 01, 2006

TOPIC: 100 Years Ago - in History - 1906
As we turn the page to 2006, let's look back on historical events from 100 years ago...
January 09 - Campbell's soup was trademark registered
January 12 - First time Dow Jones closes above 100
February 1 - First federal penitentiary building completed; Leavenworth, Kansas
February 19 - W.K. Kellogg & Charles Bolin establish Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Co. (aka Kellogg's)
March 15 - Three Britons, Mssr's Rolls, Royce and Johnson form the company Rolls Royce, Ltd.
April 06 - First animated cartoon copyrighted
April 18-19 - The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire occur. Deathtoll = 4,400+
May 10 - Russia's Duma (Parliament) meets for first time. The Duma is dissolved the same year.
May 19 - Federated Boys' Club (aka Boys' Club of America) organizes
May 22 - The Wright Brothers patent the aeroplane (aka the "flying machine")
October 3 - "SOS" adopted as warning signal by first conference on wireless telegraphy
December 24 - Reginald A. Fessenden became first person to broadcast music over radio (Mass., USA)
December 30 - Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy
Other notable events of 1906:
- 15 American states had speed limits of 20 miles per hour.
- 39 year-old Bavarian immigrant Carl Laemmle (pronounced LEM-lee) opened his first nickelodeon theater in Chicago. From this foundation sprang what was to become Universal Studios.
- 1906 Games in Athens, Greece were (originally) officially considered the first modern era Olympic Games. The IOC now considers them "Unofficial Olympic Games".

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