Thursday, December 01, 2005

TOPIC: How low will the American "entertainment" industry sink?
In an era when Desperate Housewives, American Chopper and Nip/Tuck are hits, the question begs to be answered. Add to the equation... Reality TV has taken over most networks. Full-time gay/lesbian networks have popped up on cable and satellite. Super-violent horror movies are shown at most theaters these days. So, I ask you -- How low will Americans sink in the name of entertainment?
Furthermore, the ratings system is all out of whack. Being a 42 year old, I remember the days when no one under 17 could get into an R-rated movie. In fact, I had to get an older friend to go with me to see "Saturday Night Fever". Maybe my memory is flawed, but I don't recall any R-rated movies being shown on TV (excluding cable, of course). Now, one episode of Fox's TV police drama, The Shield, has more vulgar language, violence and nudity than most of the R-rated movies I've seen -- and it's on regular TV during primetime! If I'm not mistaken, The Shield is also rated TV14. My oldest child is 13, but I'd NEVER allow her to watch such garbage.
And the movie theaters -- don't get me started! Movies like Wolf Creek, Saw, Freddie vs. Jason, Cellular and the like are (in my opinion) way out of bounds. These are SICK movies from sick minds, meant for sick people. This is NOT entertainment! It's gross and disgusting -- and it has no value, entertainment or otherwise. I won't even broach the subject of video games in this post. The diatribe would be too lengthy for the Sope-Bocks.
Let me simply remind you to think about one thing -- Hollywood will produce ANYTHING that makes money. They could care less about what you and I call entertainment as long as it makes money for them. SO, why not demand better quality entertainment? Why not stop watching the likes of Desperate Housewives, MTV, most reality shows and some of Fox's worst offerings? The advertisers will take a hint and take their money elsewhere, which will result in the networks changing the shows. If we, as Americans, demand better entertainment quality (with good moral values, etc.), Hollywood will follow our lead. Truthfully, they have NO OTHER CHOICE!

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