Monday, December 26, 2005

TOPIC: Christianity in America - A FoxNews/Opinion Dynamics Poll
Here are some interesting statistics from recent FoxNews polls (along with Gallop, AP, CNN & others):

1) "Which one of the following is closer to your view? Religion is under attack in America today. Religion has too much influence in America today. The current standing of religion in America is just about right."
Under Attack = 49%
Too Much Influence = 17%
About Right = 22%
Unsure = 12%

2) "Do you feel like Christianity is under attack in the United States today?"
Yes = 59%
No = 37%
Unsure = 4%

3) "Around this time of year, there is talk about whether holiday decorations on public property should include a nativity scene. Some say nativity scenes should not be on public property because this violates the separation of church and state. Others say it is acceptable for nativity scenes to be on public property because they are part of the historical celebration of Christmas. What is your view? Should nativity scenes be allowed on public property, or not?"
Allowed = 83%
Not Allowed = 12%
Unsure = 5%

4) "Do you believe the motto 'In God we trust' should remain on U.S. currency and coins or should it be removed?"
Remain = 93%
Removed = 4%
Unsure = 3%

5) "Do you believe the phrase 'under God' should remain in the Pledge of Allegiance or should it be removed?"
Should Remain = 90%
Should Be Removed = 7%
Unsure = 3%

6) "Do you think it should be legal or illegal to display the Ten Commandments on government property?"
Legal = 76%
Illegal = 15%
Unsure = 8%

7) "Do you agree or disagree that the courts have gone too far in taking religion out of public life?"
Agree = 77%
Disagree = 17%
Unsure = 6%

8) "Do you favor or oppose allowing voluntary prayer in public schools?"
Favor = 82%
Oppose = 14%
Unsure = 5%

9) "Thinking about the presence that religion currently has in public schools in this country, do you think religion has too much of a presence in public schools, about the right amount, or too little of a presence in public schools?"
Too Much = 11%
About Right = 27%
Too Little = 60%
Unsure = 2%

10) "Now I have a few questions about the Bible. Do you believe that every word of the Bible is literally accurate -- that the events it describes actually happened, or not?"
Yes, Believe = 55%
No, Do Not Believe = 38%
Unsure = 7%

If these polls truly reflect the beliefs and feelings of American society, WHY are we allowing 17% of the citizenry to dictate how we, the Bible believing majority, live?!?

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