Monday, November 14, 2005

TOPIC: Is the iPod really iPoop?
In an effort to educate myself on the benefits and features of portable MP3 players, I have read several reviews on the Apple iPod. It seems that the iPod is really not as great as the advertising touts it to be. Yes, most of the ZDNet-owned websites say it's the best thing since slice bread. And yes, most of the epinions of the world (and all other sites that get bucks for advertising) say the iPod *is* the deal if you want to listen to MP3. However, there are dozens of websites offering reviews from folks who are NOT deriving income from Apple's advertising. Many consumer reviewers say the iPod is really iPoop(c). In their words, the iPod is overly expensive, unreliable and only mediocre when it comes to sound quality and capacity. In fact, several companies' products rate higher than Apple's offering, including the originator of the portable MP3 player, Creative Labs.
Thinking towards Christmas and gift-giving, I think I'll forego the iPod and all of its expensive accessories. OUCH, have you seen what they're asking for a silly armband?!? Looks like the Creative Labs MuVo N200 1Gb or Zen Nano Plus 1Gb will be the gift of choice for 2005 -- at least on the Sope-Bocks' Present List. BTW, the MuVo N200 comes with cables, a clear "skin", armband and middle-of-the-line earbuds. Not bad for $125.00, huh?

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