Monday, November 07, 2005

TOPIC: I have to laugh...
You know, I have to laugh at people who refuse to believe in God, His sovereignty and the fact that we will all one day be judged. How can one gaze at the sun setting over the ocean and think it happens for no reason? How can anyone see, hear and touch a newborn baby and think that life is meaningless and hopeless? How can anyone look at the complexity of the world around us and tell themselves it all happened out of chaos and random chance? I laugh, though inside I cry.
I do not feel sympathy for people who refuse to believe. And, I don't feel contempt. I feel empathy and wonder how some, who are otherwise extremely intelligent, would hold so tightly to ideals that they must know deep, down inside are lies. Evolution is a lie. Situational ethics are lies. Freedom without responsibility is a lie.
I believe that the Newsboys' song is correct -- There is a "God-shaped hole" in all of us. We may try and fill it up with other things (sex, drugs, sports, business, entertainment, etc.), but NOTHING will fill the hole in our soul. Nothing, that is, except our Creator.

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