Thursday, September 16, 2004

TOPIC: Gender Bias In The Written Word
Have you seen all of the truly incorrect grammar in books and mags lately? The traditional and correct pronoun to use when one does not know the gender of the person referred to is the masculine. Yet, political correctness has told us to write books, magazine articles, short stories and even technological reports using feminine pronouns such as "she", "her" and "hers". Besides the fact that this is grammatically incorrect, it has come to show the definite bias against men.
The bias is most evident when someone writes about negatives -- especially in the case of crimes such as hacking, forgery or anything violent. The pronoun used then is ALWAYS masculine -- as if women never commit crimes. This bias can be found in almost any newspaper, magazine or technical journal. The "pretty stories" often use "she", "her" and the like. While anything written about an unidentifed hacker, forger, robber or murderer is written using "he", "him" and "his".
Remember, the purpose of the Sope-Bocks is to get YOU to THINK for yourself. This kind of bias is WRONG. If you're going to fall into the trap of political correctness, you should be unbiased towards men as well!

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