Monday, August 09, 2004

TOPIC: Work-a-day Worries
I don't know about you, but every day life sometimes weighs on me. I get up in the morning and head off to work. At the end of the workday, I head home. During the workday, my mind sometimes drifts from the tasks at hand... towards valiant efforts; profound accomplishments OR just spending the evening in our pool. Some days, these thoughts - especially the ones concerning what I could be doing IF I didn't have to make a living - bug me. They worry me. I don't always feel as though I'm doing enough to make the world a better place. Do YOU ever feel that way?
Well, I don't have the answer for making the work-a-day worries go away... but I am working on it. :-) Usually, I pray about doing a better job to be a better employee, a better coworker, a better husband, a better father and a better person. Over time, God has given me several tasks to handle. On the days, I put my energy, my worries and my fears in His hands, I always come out on top -- rested, at peace and a sense of accomplishment. IF you haven't tried it, take some time out today to pray to the true and living God. He WILL hear you.
For added encouragement, here's another Churchill QOTD: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Remember these words. They are SO true!

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