Tuesday, August 03, 2004

TOPIC: What Liberal Media?
Some of my readers have asked... What liberal media? I don't see anything decidely liberal in the media. Apparently, neither does Lesley Stahl of CBS. Here is a 2003 quote from her:
CBS’s Lesley Stahl: “Today you have broadcast journalists who are avowedly conservative....The voices that are being heard in broadcast media today, are far more – the ones who are being heard – are far more likely to be on the right and avowedly so, and therefore, more – almost stridently so, than what you’re talking about.
Fox's Cal Thomas: “Can you name a conservative journalist at CBS News?
Stahl: “I don’t know of anybody’s political bias at CBS News....We try very hard to get any opinion that we have out of our stories, and most of our stories are balanced.”– Exchange on Fox News Channel’s After Hours with Cal Thomas, January 18.
The voices being heard in the media today are avowedly conservative... yet Mrs. Stahl cannot name one conservative journalist at CBS. Pretty fishy logic -- as is the idea some of the Soap Bocks readers have espoused. Ya can't hide it, folks. Liberalism permiates the media every single day.

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