Thursday, May 06, 2004

TOPIC: Open Source & Stealing
After reading some tech news this morning (and many other mornings), I've come to the conclusion that many Linux fans believe that "open source" equals "free for all". Open source is an idea available to those who participate, not a mandate from all hackers that everything should be free. A word comes to mind... hmmm... STEALING. Yeah, that's it. The self-righteous hackers who think they shouldn't have to pay for anything should be hung up by their gonads. Just because XSoftware company or YoDaddy rapper is making a bazillion dollars selling a product doesn't give anyone the right to steal it from them. Who are hackers to judge what entrepeneurs should make in profits?!? How do they think they can justify why they [hackers] should be allowed to freely take products without paying their share?!? If these goobers have such disdain for capitalism, why the heck are they using the products or listening to the music in the first place?! I'll tell you why -- cuz of irresponsibility, immoralality, greed and lack of self-discipline.
Don't get me wrong. Open source, Linux and freebies all have their place in life. Linux is a good OS born out of a sharing mentality among computer enthuisiasts. At it's root, Linux is a good thing. Open Source is a good thing. BUT, taking what you do not pay for is STEALING, plain and simple. There is no justification for it and no one can successfully rationalize it. Stealing is wrong!
Microsoft nor JayZ owe us a freakin' dime's worth of anything. If these self-righteons would get a job and be RESPONSIBLE they wouldn't feel the need to steal. They could have some respect for themselves, for others and do something productive with their lives. Instead, they choose to carp about the price of things and then go steal them -- which only makes the price go up for the honest working stiffs. I say more power to the record industry for suing individuals who are stealing music. I say more power to software companies who file suits against P2P sites and their members. These cats should be charged because what they're doing is criminal. If the self-righteous hackheads truly want something free, let them legitimately right freeware, open source code (not reverse engineered code they call their own) -- and let 'em sing their own songs.