Friday, May 28, 2004

TOPIC: Legally Protecting Behavior
It seems our neighbors to the North have all but passed legislation that will legitimize a behavioral choice. In addition to legalization of this behavior, the law will protect that behavior by adding the choice to the federal hate crimes list. IOW, if someone verbally disagrees with this choice, it could be seen as an illegal act, punishable by imprisonment. What an absurd idea!

Have you figured out the subject of the legislation yet? It is homosexuality. That's right -- the behavior of homosexuality is being legitimized in Canada through their judicial system. There are several problems with this -- though only a few will be mentioned here.

First, the legalization of a behavioral choice. Homosexuality is a choice of sexual orientation, not an ethnic group or handicap or anything else legitimate. Second, adding protection of homosexuality to the definition of hate crimes is monumentally ignorant. Crime is crime; there really is no such thing as a "hate crime". This is a subclass of crime setup primarily to restrict free speech and opinions regarding behavioral choices. Folks, free speech is thrown out the window because anyone who speaks out or even offers a public opinion regarding this behavior can be considered a criminal. [And homosexuals sell themselves as tolerant?!? NOT!] Thirdly, the legislation will allow the liberal Canadian judicial system to legislate (not merely uphold the law) morality by forcing the public to accept homosexuality as a federally protected status.

The chilling effect is that Canadian citizens will no longer be able to publicly debate the nature of the predatory, promiscuous & pedophiliac behavior of homosexuality. FYI - The same ideas are coming to a US state near you -- sooner than anyone knows. Protect your right to free speech! Refuse the detrimental effects of "hate crimes" legislation! Demand your right to choose your own moral values! Call and/or write your legislator TODAY. Or, we WILL suffer the consequences tomorrow.

For the record, I DO NOT hate people who choose the behavior of homosexuality. I know that their choice is morally wrong and culturally destructive, though. I also know the negative nature of their choice -- on themselves, their families, the marketplace, the economy, healthcare and society as a whole. Whatever your personal convictions, you should realize that protecting a behavior is a ridiculous notion -- and NO government should even consider the idea.

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