Wednesday, April 28, 2004

TOPIC: Sope-Bocks Blog Overview
Let's get right to it... there are so many ideas, thoughts, opinions and yes, even rantings rolling around in my head. Since you're taking the time to read my "soapbox thoughts", I hope they entice you to think, evaluate, and consider the topics. Most of all, I challenge you to think for yourself. Ask questions! Consider and decide. We were all created with the free will of making a decision to accept the truth or deny it. Decide which you will do...

Here are but a few of the Sope-Bocks topics that will be addressed as this blog develops...

- Religion
- News Media
- The War in Iraq
- Public Schooling
- Computer Security
- Homosexuality
- Morals / Ethics

That's enough for a running start at this blogging thing. Stay tuned...