Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TOPIC: Brits Ban Possession of Violent Pornography
by: Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
London — Following a 30-month campaign by Liz Longhurst, the mother of a slain schoolteacher, the British government has announced plans to make possession of violent pornography punishable by up to three years in prison. The new law criminalizes possession of pornographic material that features “violence that was, or appeared to be, life-threatening or likely to result in serious and disabling injury."
According to Home Office minister Vernon Coaker, the rise of the Internet has made such material more widely available. "The vast majority of people find these forms of violent and extreme pornography deeply abhorrent," Coaker said. "Such material has no place in our society but the advent of the Internet has meant that this material is more easily available and means existing controls are being by-passed — we must move to tackle this." Current law already forbids the publication and distribution of violent sexual content under the Obscene Publications Act.
Liz Longhurst, the mother of a woman killed by a man who had collected vast amounts of pornography depicting violent acts such as strangulation, began a campaign to close what she saw as a loophole in the law. Over a 30-month period, Longhurst gathered 50,000 signatures for her cause and won the support of a number of key politicians. Longhurst, whose daughter, Jane, was strangled in 2003, believes sexually violent images are to blame for her daughter’s murder. Police say her assailant, Graham Coutts, was propelled by an obsession with necrophilia and asphyxial sex when he strangled the 31-year-old special needs teacher with a pair of tights. At the trial he admitted to having a seven-year addiction to online violent pornography. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder.
My daughter, Sue, and myself are very pleased that after 30 months of intensive campaigning we have persuaded the government to take action against these horrific Internet sites, which can have such a corrupting influence and glorify extreme sexual violence,” Longhurst said. Members of Parliament Martin Salter and David Lepper, who had launched a nationwide petition calling for images depicting rape, torture and necrophilia to be treated under the law the same way as child pornography, welcomed the government’s decision.It is great news that the government has not only listened, but has responded to calls to outlaw access to sickening Internet images, which can so easily send vulnerable people over the edge,” Salter said.
While many lawmakers welcomed the change in the law, a spokesman for a BDSM group called criminalization of possession troubling. “The theory that people should be punished for viewing an image that simply involves the idea of sexuality with violence shows the proposal being made is to introduce a form of thought crime,” the spokesman said. Director of the Libertarian Alliance Shaun Gabb said that extending the ban on possession of such content gives the police “inquisitorial powers to come in your house and see what you’ve got.” The change in the law applies to England and Wales. Plans are underway to extend the law to Northern Ireland. The Scottish Executive is expected to announce its plans separately.

How could ANY sensible person be against this type of law? In the US, our First Admendment was NEVER meant to allow for this type of thing, in the name of "free speech". We will hopefully soon fight and win the battle over this type of sexual sickness. Violence is violence -- and sexual violence should not be acceptable to anyone, anywhere at any time.

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PB said...

I am against this proposed new law. All the headlines are about the abhorrent and sick pictures that it would ban and 99% of normal people would probably think that these sort of pictures and films should be banned.

However, the proposals do not simply cover what would be regarded as some of the most vilest images on the internet. It also covers any pictures that people might have of their own kinky sex games fully consented to in the privacy of their own home. Of course, this is not made clear in all the tabloid headlines which set out to whip the public up into a frenzy of moral indignation in order to support these proposals.

A consenting couple who practice safe BDSM and keep some pictures as a memento could find their lives turned upside down, their privacy invaded, a possible 3 year prison sentence, a place on the sex offenders register, loss of job, possible loss of custody of their children. Because the Government spin and the news headlines all concentrate on reporting the outlawing of the most vile examples, people do not realise just how many innocent victims will be caught in it's net.

The snapshot of the couple in the example givn canot show that they have fully consented to the activity they are indulging in, it cannot show that they have taken all the safety precautions they can to ensure their safety, it cannot show that they may have had training to ensure that they are both safe inn what they are doing, it cannot show that they have been doing this for several years without any harm occurring. They will be judged by a jury who will merely have to decide, on the evidence of one photograph, whether the activity "appears" to be dangerous.

Operation Ore was a huge police operation designed to bring paedophiles to justice. They invaded the homes of over 7,000 citizens and took away computers and other material. A small number of these people were paedophiles and were rightly brought to justice. The vast majority were either found not guilt or not prosecuted because there was no evidence. Thousands of innocent lives were ruined and around 40 of those caught up in that operation 3 or 4 years ago have since committed suicide.

This is the problem we face if these proposals are made law. While it might lead to a few people being put behind bars that society might want to be protected from, it also has the potential to ruin thousands of innocent peoples lives, whose only crime is that they wanted to keep a memento of their kinky sex games.