Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TOPIC: Sexual crimes increasing -- WHY?
Does it bother you that we are seeing more and more sexual crimes in the US and around the world? Examples: One of Africa's political leaders on trial for rape... Duke University LaCrosse players having sex parties in frat houses -- and now accused of sexual assault... MySpace.com in the news every other week for some sort of sexually related criminal using their site... Dateline (ABC) airing THREE exposes on Internet sexual predators... US Government officials indicted for trying to have sex with children... or having prostitutes service them in government contract limos... A pseudo-mormon pastor (Warren Jeffs) engaged in sex with minors boys AND girls... along with arranging sexually-charged marriages between grown men and underage girls. WHY?!?
I'll tell you why -- at least some of the reasons why. First and foremost, we have trivialized sex down to something that is a "no-biggie" occurrence for many; and an addiction for others. Sex, as defined by our Creator, is something that is supposed to take place within the confines of marriage between one man and one woman. Say what you will, but heterosexual marriage is the ONLY place and time where and when sexual interaction of any kind is right.
Popular culture tells children that oral sex is NOT sex at all. Therefore, some misguided teenagers end up having rainbow parties, at which the girls go down a line of boys -- giving them blowjobs -- while wearing various colors of lipstick (thus the "rainbow" name). The boys nor the girls think much of this -- and many swear what they are doing is not sex at all. It's "hooking up" or some other kids' slang.
Next, the proliferation of pornography -- on the Internet and via DVDs -- is rampant. Porn stars are crossing over into the MTV generation of popularity. It's no wonder that many children are growing up addicted to sex, sexual parties and pornography. That addiction can lead to violence, rape, S&M, experimentation with homosexuality, beastiality and even necrophilia.
Think about this -->
_ IF EVERYONE remained a virgin until marriage, teen pregnancy would not be a problem. Drug abuse, teenage alcoholism, suicide and teen abortions would plummet.
_ IF
every married person remained sexually faithful to their spouse, the number of murders would drop; the divorce rate would plummet; dysfunctional children would be more functional and we'd definitely see a greater drop in domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and other problems among families.
No matter what you might think, HIV/AIDS would be all but wiped out within a generation or two. Sexual crimes would drop to nil -- because people wouldn't have perverse ideas about what sex is supposed to be; what filling that gapping hole in their hearts really means (trust me, it's not going to be filled by multiple sexual partners). Overall, crime of ALL kinds would decrease.
WHY? People would live as God planned -- and He would bless them for their faithfulness. Their spouses would bless them with more love and commitment. Their children would bless them with less rebellion and problems. So, I ask you -- WHY aren't we living the way God intended? WHY are sex crimes becoming somewhat of a norm? THINK ABOUT IT!

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